A few Thoughts About World Peace

The idea that peace can come from anywhere, other than ourselves, is false.
In the first place, we we’re all created perfect, unless of course you subscribe to the theory that, God is incompetent! Therefore, none of us lack anything, or have something, that another does not. I am speaking now in terms of our higher selves. Each of us has everything we need “now,” in order to be peaceful within ourselves. And guess what,…..seven billion, individually peaceful people, constitute a peaceful world.

Now,…ask yourself how a peace, which is forced upon us by some external force, will initially change the consciousness of each person? If you currently see no value in peace yourself, as is demonstrated by the amount of turmoil in the world, then why would you suddenly value it later, when the decision is taken out of your control?

No,….I’m sorry. If you think that someone is going to intervene and force a peace on a world, which actually devalues the whole concept, then your going to be waiting a long, long time. What is closer to the truth is that, those who value peace, and are peaceful, will cohabit a world together. As for the rest,….well who knows.