Lab Rats

The manner by which we are able to think, is separate from the quality, or even the quantity of our thinking.
God-consciousness allows us the ability to think. Our consciousness controls what we think about.

We can use our individuated consciousness to deny, our Creator, but we have no ability to shut down, the whole thinking process, purely because we did not create our own ability to think, or, universal consciousness itself.

All of us are merely the recipients of God’s gift, which is “self-awareness.” Of course self-awareness and total awareness are two separate things. Being self-aware leads to larger understandings than just the facts about ourselves. Everything within creation is connected to everything else, and so the facts about one thing, lead the conversation into facts about another thing, and so on and so on.

People who get annoyed when someone starts talking about God, are trying to control the conversation!
Since everything is connected, it is inevitable that the conversation will eventually get around to the topic of God,…especially so, if the conversation has any merit at all!

The act of using your ability to think against yourself, and against your Creator, is equal to whacking your thumb “intentionally” with a hammer! Why would you ever want to inflict pain on yourself?

Some of you are totally enamored with what science can do,…well I have news for you,…science has not done any of it. Science could not tie up its own shoe laces without consciousness, or the God that makes that possible. Additionally,…as I have said so many times before,…there is no new knowledge.
Oh sure,…it may be new to you, because you don’t remember even half of what your higher self knows.

Science uncovers what was always there, little by little, but if it wasn’t already there in the first place, they could not uncover it!

Start giving a little credit to the Creator of the things that science is uncovering, and discovering. Science reveals, it does not create, and that includes the creation of life from a test tube as well. Nothing would grow without the information necessary for that life to become what it must. And who provides that information,…science?

Science as a whole is no better than religion. They realize that the better their P.R. is with the public, the greater chance they have of lobbying the government for more funds. As an entity, science is doing exactly the same thing as the church, they are trying to improve their image, increase their power base, and garner a bigger percentage of the annual budget.

And, they are screwing up big time in the same way the church did.

You weren’t around hundreds of years ago to see the church screw up,…all you did was hear about it, but you are around today to see science screw up,…and you know what, you don’t see it, or seem to care about it. So how different really are you from your ancestors who gave the church full rights to do what they did?

Hey, don’t get me wrong,…I like science, however, they have some misguided notions, and someone needs to rein them in a little before they get totally out of control. If we don’t, we all will become the lab rats for all their experiments,…with the government’s approval.