The Peace Train

In conclusion then, in order to have a thousand years of peace as it is predicted, something will have to change, and I can guarantee that higher vibrational forces already existing at the vibrational level you all are trying to reach, will not be those forces which will be doing the changing! It will be those lower vibrational personalities existing on the Earth plane which will have to expand their consciousness, in order for there to be peace on Earth.

And so if it is truly the case that you must first become the change you desire to see in others, why wait for Christ’s return before you decide to kick off the peace agenda, what’s keeping you from doing it right now?

What’s that, you’ll get back to me on that one? Well, don’t wait too long. The peace train is about to pull out of the station, and if you aren’t on it, you could be waiting for a long, long, time.