The Dual Nature Of Good And Evil

Evil then, is but a term which you use to describe the nature of a thought, word, and action, which appears to be loveless, for if this were not so, you would be calling it something else. Therefore, the nature of all things are gauged by how closely or how distant, their vibrational alignment comes to that of love.

If then, you did not have this natural ability to classify everything in relation to love, then you could not make any comparisons whatsoever. Evil then, could not exist without this ability to make a comparison to a standard which you hold to be the ideal, and call love.

As a closing remark I would like to say that if you were to circumnavigate the globe by airplane, always traveling into the sun, you could travel around the world, and never experience darkness. In that same way, if you were to continually face in one direction, and think only on those things that are good, those things that are just, and those things that are true, you also would never have to experience darkness.