Being An Allower Of Freedoms

Now with regards to your question, it becomes clearer then, that love is the dominant creative energy of the universe. This loving energy is inclusive of all other vibratory states of being, of which the states of truth, joy, and freedom, rank among the vibrationally highest.
With this understanding in place, freedom then, becomes a key concept in the answer to your question. One cannot be totally free to be who and what they are, if they are being forced to operate under the restraints of contractual obligations and agreements. Also,… you can not be an allower of freedom, if you are in the same moment being a restrictor of freedoms, by way of your various cultural, and business contractual obligations. It is the nature of people to make decisions, and it is in their nature to change their minds, with regard to those decisions.

This is how your belief system evolves. One moment you hold something to be true, based on your experience, then when you encounter a new experience that counters what you previously held to be true, you change your mind or belief. Without the ability to change your mind, you would be forever locked into a specific set of beliefs, unable to consciously evolve.