Some Thoughts

Can any of us jump off a high cliff and fly, unaided ? Are any of us able to swim unaided underwater for any substantial length of time? Can we flaunt any of the natural laws of this Earth plane without the help of technology?

This should reveal to people that, we can do what we are naturally designed to do, and everything else we can do, requires us to gather to us, some kind of assistance.

Now lets consider the “idea” of sin.
If we can sin “unaided,” then it must be a natural ability, which falls within the boundaries of natural law.

Secondly, since we did not give ourselves (humanity), our own capabilities, then what we “can do” must be divinely orchestrated.

Our ability to sin then, must be supported by natural law, or we would be as incapable of naturally sinning, as we are of naturally flying. In addition to that, if sin is real, then it must be as much a part of the divine plan, as any other aspect of God’s creation, for the simple reason that,

“What God does not want, create, or allow, does not exist, or manifest!”

This means that God created us with the ability to sin, and God allows us to sin,… unless of course you feel that God is all-powerful in every aspect of existence, except this one!

When it comes to sin, you and I call the shots, not God. Is that your theory?

Of course I personally don’t believe in sin, so I am making light of it, yes. Now maybe what you call sin, I perceive as being a lack of love toward people or a situation.
I perceive sin as being a low vibrational activity or belief.
In that case, yes, there is sin.

“God loves the sinner but hates the sin.” That sounds nifty, but is it true?

If sin can be redefined as being a lack of love, then a good question would be, “why would anyone withhold love from either a person or situation?”

My answer is “ignorance.” Some people just don’t know any better. Let’s face it, if they did know better, their behavior would be different.

How do you combat ignorance? You educate people.

So if sin is based on ignorance then the question is,…does God hate ignorant people?

Now this whole “sin is ignorance” hypothesis doesn’t work does it, because all of us are ignorant in some areas of life. That would mean that God would hate us all!
Well maybe your skating on thin ice but,…he and I are on good terms.

Hey, if your comfortable with the idea that the God of all creation has given over total control of one aspect of ultimate reality (“sin”), just to see if we would screw it up or not, then who am I to bust your bubble. Personally, I don’t buy it.

My answer is that there is no such thing as sin, there are only people who are walking around in big bodies, whose ego driven consciousness has not matured significantly in decades.
Big bodies carrying around little hearts.