God Loves You

One of the significant arguments used by non believers, for the non existence of God is that, a loving God would not construct a world such as this, and allow what is happening on Earth to take place. Therefore, there is no God.

Well, says who?
Since God doesn’t exist,…where did you draw that gem of wisdom from? Ohhhh, it came from your vast store house of knowledge about God, spirit, and the nature of existence. You know I hate to shatter your illusions, but reality is not based on personal opinion, or conjecture.

We are all entitled to our opinion, and to make deductions about things, based on “our” available information, however, given those two parameters, it is a fallacy to conclude that our deductions are always going to be correct. When you base your deductions on incorrect data, then you can not help but be in error.

People start with false information, and of course come to conclusions that don’t match the nature of reality.

You have no idea what a nonexistent God would or would not do!
And, you have no idea what an existent God would and would not do, until your consciousness has risen significantly in vibration, to approach the consciousness of the Christ.

“We don’t need to believe in God to know and do what’s right, or to be moral, or to have values.”
I heard a guy who thinks he is smarter than most, say something to that effect.

So we have the situation that, there can’t be a God because the world is apparently going to hell in a hand basket.
I don’t know what that means to you, but to me it means that nothing happening here on Earth can be blamed on God, because God doesn’t exist. Therefore, we need look no further than “ourselves,” if we are looking for the cause of all the turmoil in the world.

Oh, but wait,…it can’t be us,….because we know right from wrong,…we are moral, we have a half decent value system! We’re okay,…maybe we aren’t as moral as we pretend to be,….but we could be, if we wanted to be!
I guess we just don’t want to exercise higher moral judgement,…but we could if we wanted to,…but I guess we don’t want to.

Does that mean that, if we never “want to be moral,” then we’re not moral? Kind reminds me of that saying, “To know and not do, is not to know!”

Here is a little piece of good advice. First figure out whether you are “coming or going,” before you decide to tackle any more complex issues in life. Now if your ego got offended by that, then get on the right side of God, life, and people, and you’ll find you get a lot fewer people taking a run at you.

Having said all that just remember,…”God loves you.”