Reason This

This post will make more sense after you have watched some of this video.

If you watch this video, you may side with the opinions of the people being interviewed, or not. Now these 30 people certainly don’t represent much of the seven billion people on Earth, neither do those people who don’t believe in God.

People kept repeating the word “reason” over and over, like a mantra in that video. Well,…okay lets use reason, and I’ll show you these people don’t have a leg to stand on.

Do you suppose that it is reasonable to assume that the “reasoning capability” of the vast majority of the seven billion people on Earth who believe in some kind of God,…is flawed,… in comparison to “their” reasoning powers? In simpler terms, you believe they have superior reasoning powers in comparison to the 4/5 of the world who believe in some kind of God?

Additionally,…ask yourself if it is not reasonable to assume that everyone’s “life experiences” on Earth are somewhat different, and that those same experiences work to color an individuals beliefs and feelings about life. If that is the case,(and it is reasonable to assume that it is), then there are bound to be a very diverse range of opinions about the same issues or questions about life. Is it reasonable to assume every one will hold the “exact same opinions,” about all matters relating to life?

Reason would tell you just by listening to these people that they sound “emotionally” in defiance of something. Whether they are fully conscious of what it is they are against, is questionable, but it seems to be aimed at either God, or religion.

Using your considerable powers of observation and reasoning, you ought to be able recognize that “people” predate, any form or type of organized religion on this planet. That means that for quite a long time there were just people,…and maybe God,…(if you believe in God). Who are you going to blame the worlds problems on before organized religion?

Assuming your considerable reasoning powers have led you to side with the scientific theory that the universe is the result of the big bang, and that life on earth started as the result of a combination of bacteria and gasses in space, which found its way onto the planet via some kind of carrier such as a comet, asteroid or meteorite. The two questions that a person who can reason would want answered would be.
Where did the matter which was spewed forth from the explosion of the big bang come from?
And,…how did single-celled life come to develop into people with intelligence and self-awareness, when other life forms and inanimate matter which contains its own information,…did not develop intelligence or become self-aware?
Organic life is not the only thing with coded information within it, that’s why crystals form the shapes they do, and not some other shape.

In order to move this along, we’ll get to the important point.

Reason would tell you that since you don’t believe in God, because you don’t know anything about God you can prove,.. that your mind is therefore “voluntarily” locked into and focused on the material Earth plain. Therefore, reason would tell you that to the extent you have tried to remain focused on the material world, which is validated by your senses, that this reflects the degree that you have disconnected yourself from the spiritual world.

Reason tells you that you can not focus “primarily” in two different areas at the same time, just as reason tells us that we can not think two thoughts at the same time. Therefore reason should reveal to you that, avoiding one aspect of existence (God), by focusing on another part of it, (material reality), and expecting some kind of revelation about God from this activity, is not a “pattern of behavior” that gets results, or works very well in any area of life!

Reason should tell you that when you’re not so “self absorbed,” you’ll have the time to ask yourself: “who is the you who is asking these questions, and how am I able to think in the first place?”
Reason would tell you that at the dawn of civilization, nothing existed as it does now. There we’re no tools of any kind,..just rocks and sticks.
Obviously reason would tell you we came from that day and age, to this one by only one activity,….thought! If you gloss over the importance of thought, then your powers of reason and observation are,….what?

But what factor controls our ability to think? Why consciousness of course. Reason should tell you that people in a coma, aren’t very good conversationalist! Reason should make you inquire about the source and nature of consciousness, since every one uses it. Who is responsible for consciousness?

Reason,…ya, I love that word, it’s amazing how people throw it around, then fail to use it,…or maybe I’m being a little harsh. Maybe they are using it to the best of their ability.

Anyway, if you read to the end of this post then you deserve a reward. Here it is. When you focus on the world, you’ll find the world. When you focus on God, eventually you’ll find God. Now, notice I did not say finding God it will make you good or Holy, only the full awareness of what you really are will do that, and that most often is a gradual life long process.