Seasons Greetings

22 Seasons Greetings
Sanora, are you there?
Yes my son, seasons greetings to you! A beautiful day,… is it not?
Yes it is, thank you. I don’t have any questions at the moment, do you have anything you would like to say to me?
Most assuredly we do. Let it be known that in all your cultures there is one particular time of the calendar year that is considered most holy within that culture.
The dates may vary from culture to culture, but the reasons behind the celebrations are the same. It is that time of year when each soul withdraws a greater percentage of it’s consciousness than usual from physical reality, and concentrates it on things of the spirit.
It is the unconscious natural desire to bond with the source of that soul’s creation, and with other souls. It is a temporary setting aside of the routine life in order to merge with one’s source, even if it be only for a moment. This time of year has come for you and yours, and we who are with you always, look forward each year to this happening, for it is now more than at any other time of year that the veil between us is most transparent, and love is most easily conveyed from our side to yours.
Enjoy the feeling, for soon it will be like this every day for every one. Until that day, we are saying peace, love, and joy, unto you and yours.