Do People Need To Be Brought To God

Here is a great question. “Do people need to be brought to God?”
What way to ruffle fur! Yes I think they do need to be brought to God. Whatever that means. I just use it cause it “sounds” religious, and probably gets more of a reaction from your ego.

Okay, enough horseing around, let’s get serious. Here is the rational for my statement. There is nothing wrong with the world that a lot of love from all of us, could not fix or improve. God is love and life itself, and you can’t be advocating the benefits of love, and denying God in the same breath. All it shows if you do, is that you have no idea what love is,..which is probably why the world is the way it is.

There are too many “loving people right now in the world, running around with guns, spreading their version of love!”

I’m not a religious guy, but I’m sorry, if you don’t believe in the source of all love and life, then your really only partially aware of what love really is,…and I’m being generous by giving you that much.You know, people deny God and latch on to science, when they know as much about science as they do the inner workings of their iPhone.