Let’s talk about choice, because believe it or not, it is a huge topic. Why is it a huge topic? It is a huge topic because everything in life is connected to everything else,… that means it doesn’t matter where you begin, eventually you’ll end up somewhere other than where you started.

The idea of choice implies that we have options. Remove all options and you have eliminated choice. Given that line of thought then, you can see that the more options we have, the more choices we have. Remove all options and you have removed all choices.

Now let’s consider the idea of duality. Good and evil being one representation of that idea. Why didn’t God just make everything good? Why the option,…and the choice? Lets take that even further and ask “why didn’t God make everything perfect?” Then we would not have to strive for anything.

In fact, why do we even have to go to work? Why isn’t there someone dropping peeled grapes into our open mouth, and catering to our every whim?

Do you think that the less that you ask people to do, the less they will do? What happens when people get used to doing absolutely nothing? The answer is that some of them get bored and they start doing something.The things they start to do are the things “they want to do,” not the things others would have them do. In a world where every one is doing exactly what they want to do, are the people happier? No they’re not, because people are doing that right now!

At this moment, everyone is doing exactly what they want to do. Oh they say their not, but they are, believe me. They’re all taking the path of least resistance,…which of course is their chosen path. If your choosing the lesser of two evils then that’s your choice. The only way you could not be making your own choices is if you were unconscious, and you’re not, because your reading this post.

Eliminating evil reduces the choice between good and evil by 50%, but not really. If we eliminate evil, you still have the choice to be good, or not to be good, and of course if you choose not to be good, then you must be evil by default?

Is this a stupid post? Yes or no? You see if you only had the option of answering no, then this would not be a stupid post would it? Do you think God created this world and “screwed the job up,” or do you think we created this world and gave the contract to the lowest bidder? People whine for something better or different, when they have no idea what they really want or need, because they do not have enough information to make a sound decision.

My opinion is to forget the idea that this is a world gone wrong,…a botched job. Everything here has a function and a purpose, even though you might not be able to identify what it is at the moment.