What Level Are You

So, back to God. Those people who believe in God probably already have a fixed belief about God that is comfortable, and unless they get uncomfortable, there is no reason to change any aspect of it.

I’m not here to make anyone feel uncomfortable. If something is working well for you, then that is fine. Bear in mind however that grade one works well for those people of that age bracket and mental ability. Grade nine works well for people in that age bracket and mental ability, and so on all the way up to the thesis for your PhD. Every level is appropriate for the people at that level, but inappropriate for those who should have moved on by now.

I’m not the judge of who should have moved on. Each of us is our own judge, based on how happy we are with what we know. If we desire to know more, and we can’t get satisfying answers within our established community, then we might feel like exploring other options. Other people should not be against us getting our answers for ourselves, given that we have asked them first and they were unable to give us the answers we sought.

I’m amazed that institutions which claim to have the answers, can still have members with so many questions!