Is Your Theology A Little Muddied

Okay,…here’s the deal, when your car is stuck up to its axles in mud, do you go on a mud rampage and vow to devote your life to eliminating all the mud in the world, for the benefit of everyone? After all, it’s just mud right,….who needs it. It’s messing up people’s lives, and it has to be a mistake right? There are even mud slides that have wiped out whole villages! What loving God would allow that to happen?

No,….it’s got to be a human error, somewhere along the line. God does not make mistakes and so we must be at fault for all the mud in the world. Because it’s our fault then the loving thing to do would be to lead people away from mud, and back to God. You can bet that with all those white gowns the angels are wearing, that there isn’t any mud up there!

That is the little picture. Do you think that it might be part of a bigger plan we can not currently know the details of, or understand? Why does the way things are, have to be seen as a flaw? The lack of love in the world is a yardstick against which we can measure our own understanding, and progress with love.

If you’re complaining how poorly people are doing, then surely you realize that they don’t have the smarts to have created all this on a conscious level, or on their own. That only leaves certain divine beings as being the cause,…are you going to call them inept?

Good luck with that.