Ego Beliefs

People and ideas are inseparable bed fellows. If you belittle someones idea or belief, then you have insulted them. Why?

The answer is that, “thoughts are the only real and valuable commodity within creation!”

Everything else is a derivative of thought, therefore, we value our thoughts even more than any of us realize. When our thoughts and beliefs become under attack (as perceived by our ego) then we immediately jump to their defense. One reason for this is because we have spent time and energy creating our beliefs, and we don’t want to hear that we may have worked long and hard for nothing,..or that we got it wrong.

That however is silly, because when we have a destination in mind and we unknowingly are headed the wrong way, should we just bit the bullet and continue on, because of all the time and energy we have already invested? Or, should we thank whoever pointed out the correct path, then head out in that direction?

It is our ego who sees all our beliefs as its own, who is the trouble maker.When you denounce someones belief as being in error, then it is their ego you are coming into conflict with. Now if you approached it differently and made your belief seem more valuable than the current belief the other ego is holding, it would out of self-interest, adopt the alternate belief. Of course the increased value we are speaking of has to be real, and not just perceived.