Do We Need To Believe In God To Be Good

Q: Can we still be good loving people without believing in God?
A: Yes and no.

The correct answer is this. God is everything, including love. God is love, and love is God. We therefore can not disbelieve in, or reject God, and then profess to recognize or “be” love.

The reason we can be good or loving, is because we have an oversoul, of which we are a part, who is itself aware of all the things about ourselves which we have forgotten, while we are here on Earth. We are loving individuals, and some of us remember more of who we are than others. Now, the odds are that if you can’t remember your connection to your higher self, then you probably don’t remember your connection to God either.

Essentially your adrift on an infinite ocean of creation, all alone, responsible to no one but yourself. You don’t know where you came from, why your here, or what’s going to happen to you after you die. Actually we seem to have not many answers to the important questions about life, but some of us are adamant, there is no God.

It’s not an accident we don’t remember much between lives, although we are each individuals and we remember, to the degree that we had planned for ourselves before we incarnated.