Are You Among Those Who Are Willing?

In a world where so much material reality has already been created, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that at one time, none of it existed. Only man, the natural world, and the things in it existed. It is from that point forward, that we can see how much material reality human thought has given rise to. Thought was and is the creative energy that works along with natural forces, to manifest both new and existing things into our lives.

Again I’ll say that, with so much material reality already created, we tend to think that humans, and not universal creative forces, are usually responsible for delivering our desires to us. There is some accuracy to that thinking,..but not because the universe can’t, won’t, or does not create material reality. The Universe simply follows natural law, and does not expend anymore energy than is necessary to reach a desired outcome. This means that it will not create something from scratch, when all it has to do is arrange to have it brought from where it already exists, to your door, by some available means. I mean think about it,….why would the universe create another tree, when you can have your pick from among the ones already here? And so it goes with everything. Only when it becomes more energy-efficient to create something new, than to deliver something already existing, would the universe switch tactics.

Obviously when nothing existed, as was the case in much earlier times, then it had to have been our thoughts, working in combination with universal law, that was the impetus for all manifested material reality. Thoughts themselves are not accidental, they come forth from universal consciousness in response to a perceived need or desire on our part. We “think,” or actually get in vibrational synch with that part of consciousness we can understand, and we get an inspirational thought which we think is our own,…..mostly because we can’t detect an alternative source for our idea,…so we claim it. But you have to ask yourself, why early man struggled with creating fire, when he could have created a Bic lighter, and solved all his problems? The answer “then,” is the same answer we struggle with today. Man can only access information from universal consciousness, which he is a vibrational match to. The answer to everything is out there, but we have to build a bridge of understanding and knowledge to be able to make use of the knowledge we want. If we have not created the infrastructure we need, to make use of the knowledge then it’s not much good to us.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Helicopter was already born in his mind, but the infrastructure was not there within society to make it a reality, and so the idea was shelved for hundreds more years until the rest of society could catch up with his vision.

The Helicopter

Nikola Tesla faced the same problem, and forces actually worked to suppress his ideas because they stood to lose money if he implemented them. We create nothing new on our own, because we can not think on our own. Our consciousness is part of universal “God-consciousness,” and we partake in it at “this level,” to the degree that we recognize that fact, and give credit where it is due! This is how you can be assured there is a God, and how it can be in intimate contact with everything. It’s all connected through consciousness,..and if you want to use yours to say “bull_hit,” that’s up to you. Personally, I can think of better uses to put my mind to.

We have to build the bridge between our mind and higher levels of understanding, and that starts with “willingness,” not rebellion, or being closed-minded. Those who are willing, are those who will rise in understanding.