Worry Is Making Payments On Bills That Aren’t Due Yet

Chapter 36- Worry Is Making Payments On Bills That Aren’t Due Yet
All emotional feelings are a form of vibrational energy, which is why we can feel them. You have probably seen people who are literally vibrating with excitement about something, it is very funny to watch. You may also have seen people who were so depressed that they were totally immobilized, and incapacitated. Our emotions have at tremendous effect on our physiology, causing a multitude of chemical reactions within our body that both aid, and hinder us. Some of our experience is triggered by our physical interactions with our environment, and some of it is triggered by our mental interpretations of our experiences. If you walk into a signpost on the sidewalk and bump your face, you would react in one way, however, if a stranger were to slap your face, you would certainly react a different way, and yet the physical sensations your face felt were not so far apart. Our mental beliefs about what we are experiencing control our emotional reactions to those experiences. Our beliefs sponsor our emotions which trigger our reactions toward our environment. By paying close attention to what we believe, we can discover for ourselves when our beliefs are not serving us well, and exchange them for better ones, based on a higher version of the truth. The emotional response that we experience as worry can be based in fact and high probability. For example if you live on a volcanic island and that volcano suddenly starts spewing forth smoke and fire, that may be a rational and logical reason to worry.
Of the things people worry about, some are not so obvious, nor have they gathered as much momentum as that volcano. Many of the things people worry about are beyond their ability to control, and their worry will not contribute anything constructive to a situation, therefore, it becomes a useless waste of personal energy. On the vibrational scale of emotions, worry is close to that of fear. If you have heard of the term, “low-grade fever,” then you can consider worry to be a form of low-grade fear! A constant worrier lives in continual fear, which becomes their dominant personal vibration. That works to draw to them through the creative process, all that is a match to the vibrational energy they are sending out into the universe. As you think, so shall you become. Needless, baseless worry, is the act of using your creative power against yourself. If you want to worry about something, worry about that!
The importance of this chapter lies in the fact that, our minds draw into our lives the creative results of our dominant line of thinking. Fear serves a high purpose in that it can save our lives, but worry is the mental act of getting ready to be fearful, Fear at least generates action, but worry only creates emotional misery.