The New Spirituality

I love writing about God, religion, spirituality, and the mind. Most times I ask myself why I bother, it’s not like it really seems to matter to anyone. Then I think, “gee that’s my ego talking and looking for validation and approval from other people.” You know, if the activity gives a person joy, then that is all the reason they need to pursue that activity. When we do things just for us, because we want to, and because we find it to be joyful, then we’re in alignment with who and what we are. Sure, we need to concern ourselves with others, but not at our own expense. First we need to be happy within ourselves, before we can bring happiness to others. What most of us don’t realize is that bringing happiness to others, is what will bring “us” the most happiness! But, we have so much “stuff we want to accumulate, and have to pay for first,” that helping others seems to be something we keep meaning to do, but have to put off because so much of life keeps getting in the way.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, lets talk about spiritual enlightenment. Where do I get my spiritual guidance from? I get it from “Archie and Veronica” comic books,…and occasionally from Mad magazine!! You know, those writers are very knowledgeable about the human condition.

Okay, enough clowning around. I want you to remember back to a time when you would consider yourself to not be spiritual at all. You didn’t know, or care about, God or spirituality. If you can remember that time, then you can also see how far you have come, to be where you now are. Being enlightened doesn’t necessarily mean we have learned anything, all it means is that we are in the process of remembering, what our higher self already knows. It means that we are building a bridge between that aspect of our self which occupies the spiritual realm, and that part of us who is here now in physical form. The better we get at that, the more information flows back and forth between those two aspects of ourselves. This means then, that those people who are not currently focused on God, are just as we once were. They are out of touch with the higher aspect of themselves, however, their higher self knows just as much as ours, and it is just as knowledgeable as our own higher self. No one has a leg up on anyone else. Now, let me stretch your imagination for a bit, and by the way,…if you stretch it everyday, you’ll make room for some additional wisdom!

I like messing with people’s minds,..ya, it’s a personality flaw, sue me! Anyway, here is something which just stops people so cold, that they just have to either disagree with it totally, or pass me off as some kind of nut bar! However, I know I’m right on this, so here it is for what it’s worth.

If you have ever seen someone in a coma, either in real life, or on television, then you know they’re not much of a conversationalist! Actually, they’re not much of anything in that state. You can ring the door bell all day long, but nobody is home. So, this shows you the important role that consciousness and the mind plays in our lives. No mind, no life,…you get the picture? But here is the important point. Everything, we have ever become aware of, everything, without exception, has to pass through the filter that is “our” mind. That means your mind, my mind, their mind, her mind, his mind,…you getting the picture? Everything, that gets passed on to us from another person has already been filtered through their mind “before” it ever got to us. The exception to that is the sensory data we get through our physical senses. Even that however, get interpreted by our mind.

So what does this all mean? Good question,…glad you finally decided to join the conversation!

It means that, reality isn’t reality at all, but it is only an interpretation of reality, or an approximation of reality, if the data has been through one or more filters. It also means that proof means nothing, because the data had to first be selected as being relevant before any conclusion could be drawn about it. Conclusions are deductions, made by people based on relevant data. Data doesn’t talk, you have to draw your own conclusions from the data, and that data has to be filtered through the mind first, before a conclusion is arrived at. So that means that all the scientific proof everyone is so adamant is true, is only “relatively” true. It’s only an approximation of truth.

The real truth is God, and because the real truth is God, then that means that all possibilities get explored, and that all possible outcomes exist simultaneously, in various degrees of realization. Some possibilities materialize as realities, while others remain as thought forms for lack of energy, while others are not far from being thoughts. So, if everything is just our perception, and our minds interpretation,… then what is real? God is real, for the singular reason that God is all reality, all energy, all consciousness, all love, all truth, all freedom, and all joy. God is the one and only singular reality within creation, everything else is but a subdivision of God-consciousness, some of which has the ability to create its own sub realities, or forms. We are all created beings of our over soul, and were not created directly by God. We are instead indirect creations of God, which is why Jesus has to stand between God and ourselves.

What does this all mean then? It means that, there is no new knowledge, it means that no one is any smarter, or dumber than anyone else. It means that there are never any new inventions, because there is never any new knowledge. It means that enlightenment is just remembering what we already know at a higher level. Ultimately it means that everything is true, and nothing is true. Now if that last statement didn’t totally screw you up, then I must be losing my touch!

Ya, this post ought to get rid of those blog “tire kickers” in a big hurry!