Just Don’t Give A Damn

Okay. so maybe that last post wasn’t a gem. Even my wife said the topic was “booorrrriing!!!” Well, so is how to bake a loaf of zucchini bread!!! So, what does that have to do with anything?

But, for those of you who endured that post, here is something a little more grounded and relevant to our everyday life. Lets talk about problems, and some of the realities that they present, with the intent of possibly getting some new tactics on how to solve our problems.

Okay, the first thing I’ll say about problems is that there is no such thing, (damn, there he goes again). There is only life, in all it’s various vibrational aspects. Some of it feels good, and we like that part of life, and some of it feels bad, and we don’t like that part, and we often label those aspects that we dislike, as being problematic. Now because I like things that you dislike, and you dislike things that I like, and they are the same things, then obviously “problems are subjective, and not intrinsic realities. If problems were real, then everyone would have to feel the exact same way about them, except for the fact that everyone’s reality is being filtered through their own mind, (damn, he managed to work that in to this post) and they are coming to different conclusions as a result, (see I told you that last post had relevance,…but noooo, you wouldn’t listen!). The first important information we can learn about problems are that, they are created by our mind, and not out there in the real world. In the real world things and events just “are,” and it is our mind, and predominantly our ego, which places meaning on those events.

If you have ever reached a state where you would normally worry over something, but for some reason, you just didn’t give a damn about it, then you have some personal insight into what I’m talking about. If we just don’t give a flying fig about something, then how much of a problem is it? When we minimize and marginalize something, it’s importance to us goes down, and so does it’s standing as a problem. The real truth that people don’t like to hear is that we create our own problems by what we believe about life. Our beliefs are the mind filter that determines what has meaning and relevance for us. We all make judgements about life based on our mind and it’s beliefs. That is something to consider,…but I know it’s not very useful in the moment.

Another thing we should look at with regards to problems is, “fear.” Problems cause us to worry, which is a pretty useless venture because worry is not proactive, it is simply the action of using our mind to think negative thoughts. Worry is not fear, it is more like getting prepared to be afraid,…it’s not the real deal. Fear causes people to move into action, that is it’s purpose. Fear is there to move us out of immediate danger, and so it initiates action on our part. Worry does none of that, all it does is cause emotional distress, and give us ulcers. Worry is what we do when we have the time to do nothing. If someone is trying to kill you right now,…who has time to worry? We all need to know that once we start worrying, it is an indication that we have become ineffective at solving the problem we think we have. We are far better off not to think about our problem at all, rather than worry about how we are going to solve it.

Another little tid bit of information is that our mind can not think two thoughts at the same time. This means that literally any time devoted to worry, is time that the mind can not use to solve its problems. Oh, you think your working on your problem the whole time your worrying, but that is an illusion, and your feelings of depression are an indication that what I’m saying is true. When your feeling good and trying to be creative in another area, the feelings you’re experiencing are totally different from those you feel while you are worrying. There should not be such a wide divergence of feeling between your normal creative state, and the creative state you say you’re in when your trying to solve your problem,…but there is, and that tells you that you’re not really being creative in your “usual way,” your being creative in a “negative way, ” and you are actually drawing more negativity to you in that state.

What can I leave you with that is useful, and will help you solve your problems? Well, here is a gem. It is the way you think, and what you thought in the past, that caused your problems in the first place, therefore, if you’re not prepared to change your beliefs as a way to solve your problems, then you’re not really motivated to solve them, because they don’t hurt enough yet. My suggestion is to just wait until the pain gets totally unbearable, and the conditions of your life suck to such a degree that suddenly, you’ll find some motivation to go to the root of your problems to solve them. Our problems are all internal, which is why most of us need someone on the outside who has an alternate perspective to help us through them. If we’re worrying, then it’s messy inside our mind and we’re not in very good shape in the moment to do our best creating.

The bottom line is that it took many years for each of us to get this way, and it’s not easy to change over night. Worry will not change a damn thing, so my suggestion is to just not give a damn,…at least you’ll feel better, and once you do, who knows what good ideas you might come up with.