Religion And Spirituality

The difference between religion and spirituality is that religion is about God, while spirit is God. Religion incorporates a certain amount of spirituality into its activities, however, spirit is all God, and does not need to incorporate religion into any aspect of itself. Spirit, and what we call spirituality, stands on its own, and it is actually independent of any physical needs. Is any of this really important? It’s important in the way religion ties itself to God, implying directly or indirectly that, it is God’s agent on earth, acting with authority from or, on behalf, or in God’s stead. Religion places itself between God, and it’s people, acting as some kind of go between.
In the first place, religion is a concept, that is forwarded by a small segment of the population for the benefit of those involved. Usually for the benefit of the clergy. Religion is not God’s agent on earth, religion is an idea. People are God’s agents on earth because people are God, in an altered form. Once we let the idea of religion dominate over people, you have the cart before the horse. People create and exploit ideas, not the other way around. Spirituality is nonthreatening simply because it does not seek to dominate or gain control over people or society. Spirituality is about unity, love, cooperation, charity, belief, faith and peaceful coexistence with other people and your natural surroundings. Spirit is God, which is infinite, all-inclusive and all-pervasive. Spirit is everywhere and in back of everything. Whatever is not spirit now, was spirit at one time, and will be again. The deeper our personal investment into religion, the greater will be our resistance to these ideas. Remember, if you can that, religion is all about God, but God is not all about religion. When we die we revert back to spirit, and leave religion behind, because religion is nothing more than part of the window dressing of this world.
The importance of this chapter lies in the fact that, the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. People are Gods agents on Earth, because they are aspects of God.