A Change For Humanity

Let us consider for a moment what “is” with regards to humanity, and what could “be” if we all were to think differently. Nothing with respect to humanity will change, unless there is a general consensus that something should, and does have to change.

We are talking then, about the awareness level of people, which is the determining factor as to whether anything within society will change in the future. If we’re doing okay, then who needs to change? If we’re not doing okay, then who is the official determiner of that fact? Why would we all want to turn our lives upside down about some aspect of reality, which very few people can agree on? That is the key issue isn’t it?

In order to get the world to change, everyone would have to agree on one idea, one plan of action. When has that ever happened before in human history? When has humanity ever come together on a single issue? World war II was as close as we ever came to globally banding together to oppose something, and that didn’t really take,…because here we are fighting wars again, all over the world!

People don’t seem to realize that there is a time lag within society of about twenty years, or one generation, between the time that something needs to happen, and the time it does happen. This is because we can not change the course of human events until we first change the course of human thinking and values! If we made a mistake with the current generation, then we have to teach the next generation, ideas and values that will bring people back into line with the vision and desires that humanity has for itself.Sometimes one generation is not enough to bring about the change that is required. So a little long-term planning is needed to turn things around in the future.

Now consider this hypothetical situation. If ten people were totally lost, the probability of them finding their way again does not increase, the longer their lost! In fact, because panic and desperation set in, the odds of people who are lost finding their way out, “lessens” the longer their lost! If humanity has lost their way, it is unrealistic to believe that they can get back on track without some outside intervention, and our history verifies that fact. Luckily for us, there is a multitude of spiritual beings who are at this very minute engaged in helping humanity find its way home,…which is to say, find its way to higher levels of awareness, love and action.

New higher thoughts and values need to be adopted by people and integrated into their every day life, and those values should be taught to each succeeding generation. On Earth, we see that energy has a tendency to degrade over time, and that applies to human behavior as well. Unless we are always inspecting our thoughts and actions and striving for higher levels of performance within society, we will be going the other way. Which way do you think we are going now?

A young child is the purest form of human being, and they do not entertain thoughts of wealth, power conquest, and global annihilation! Where do you think these thoughts come from then, if they are not inborn? That’s correct,…they come from a struggling, lost group of people within humanity which are leading the rest of the population down the garden path!

In the past, one person with a club and an attitude, could only do just so much damage. Today, with our ability to communicate and use mind control globally, or damage the planet to the point where it becomes unlivable, one person in a position of great wealth, can be responsible for a lot of devastation on this planet. Our tools, have greatly magnified the danger to the rest of the world, caused by the low vibrational negativity that lurks in our minds.

Ya this post is a downer if you think we’re up against a hopeless cause, but it is optimistic, if you want change for the better, and believe we can bring it about. Life here is all about your point of view, isn’t it?