What You Create Indicates What You Believe

This is a part of my upcoming book. By the way it’s going, I think Jesus and my book should arrive at just about the same time!!


Chapter 78- What You Create Indicates What You Believe
Generally speaking, one cannot teach what they have not learned themselves. Beliefs represent what we have learned about life, and what we’ve manifested as a result of those beliefs. Our attempts to instruct others in areas of life that we ourselves do not understand, leads to creations which are far from loving or truthful. Often times this situation can be circumvented by having the student look for the fruits which, the teachers theories must surely be able to supply. This means that teachers who are instructing you about money and health, will have an abundance of both. Love is the expression of a positive personality, which creates prosperity and abundance, while fear and negativity are both equal to lack, and can only create more of the same. According to the laws governing vibrational compatibility, thoughts of a specific vibrational nature, can only manifest physical reality which is in total alignment with the vibrational frequency of those thoughts. Essentially this means that a person who is in poverty is exhibiting their true beliefs, and those who are experiencing abundance are also exhibiting their true beliefs. Of course there are other factors involved, but generally speaking, our previous statement comes very close to the way reality works.
The result of this line of thinking is that what you have manifested in the past, represents what you have believed in the past, and so if you have manifested a lot of desirable things in your life, then your beliefs must be in alignment with whatever you’ve manifested. This means that those who have prosperity thinking are qualified to teach prosperity manifestation. The world tries to circumvent this reality with diplomas and certificates of competence and qualification. It sets up schools that teach its own brand of knowledge, and which lend their authority to its graduates. All of this sets up a system where people are versed in certain ideas, but have no real world experience with what they are themselves teaching. Being an authority is not based on what you can do, or what you might do in the future, but on what you have already accomplished. Our creations are the only thing that act as a testament to our beliefs and abilities.
The importance of this chapter lies in the fact that, there is authority based on experience, and there is authority based on education. Some people exhibit both, and some people try to skate by with just the authority their education lends them.