Where DO You Get All This Stuff From

I do not usually reference my source of information by saying “God told me to tell you this,” and “Jesus told me to tell you that,” and “the Holy Spirit told me to tell you the next thing.” Why,…well because the things which are true, will ring true to those who are spiritually aware enough to understand what is being said.

As I have said before, if Einstein wrote his mathematical formula down for you as proof of his theory of relativity, what good would it do you, if you are not capable of understanding the proof when it is given to you?

Proof means nothing unless you are capable of understanding it, and if you have to take someones word, that the proof is valid, then what kind of real proof is that?

This is why growing in consciousness is what life here is all about, and ultimately, growing in consciousness means coming to new vibrationally heightened levels of awareness, which are outwardly displayed as love.

God is the definition of love, and so we are not only moving closer to God as we grow in awareness, but we are becoming more like God as our personal vibration rises over the course of our life.