Errors Call For Correction Not Punishment

This post will involve both base and vibrationally high levels of thought. The topic involves a subject matter that man kind has collectively failed to get right, even to the present day, and as a consequence, people are still waging war against each other, instead of loving, and cooperating with each other.

The subject matter is so large and tied to so many aspects of life that it is hard to know where to even start. But as with all things, it is probably best to start with the obvious, and work toward the not so obvious. So lets start with the title of this post that will be the inspiration for its contents.

Errors call for correction, not punishment.

Have you ever wondered why we have words like revenge, and retribution? We don’t invent words first, and then act them out,…we act out in a specific way, then invent words to describe our actions. All words were at one time an initial response to what we experienced in life.

Mistakes and errors are not malicious, that is to say they are not intentional, and so when there is no intent to cause harm to life or property, then the situation calls for correction, not punishment. This is the most obvious, and easiest statement to agree with.

When people do intentionally cause harm to people and property, then that action is malicious, and it also calls for correction. The problem lies in the fact that most of society considers revenge to be the ideal form of correction. When actions initiated by one person, cause effects that are “irreversible,” how can any action change the unchangeable?

There is no action that is capable at this time in our history, of bringing back the dead. If we can not reverse the effects of someone’s actions, then we are talking about either extracting revenge, or receiving compensation as a form of correction. With the idea of compensation, we have suddenly moved into the area of commerce, as a form of correction. Enter the law, and lawyers.

Because our laws and customs originate so far back in our history, we don’t think about them, we just accept things as being the way they are. Why is humanity still fighting at this time in its history? If we are so much smarter than our ancestors, why does that fact not show up in our daily lives?

Yes, we can now kill people with a “smart bomb” instead of a club, but were not smart enough to realize that we don’t have to kill each other in the first place!

Were living a modern life with all the old outdated beliefs and superstitions of the past, still in place. Technology we can understand,…”ourselves,” we do not understand, any better than we did a thousand years ago. Now back to the theme of our post.

Errors call for correction, and malicious actions also call for correction, because the beliefs and values that are the inspiration for any kind of malicious activity, are just as much an error, as those errors which were unintentional. The intent is the only difference.

Intentional errors are based on ignorance of higher laws and values, and the correction for ignorance is education,…not punishment!

Anyone who is ignorant of anything, is guilty and deserves punishment if you abide by the worlds line of thinking. The law makes the assumption that all people hold the same beliefs and same values, and thus can be governed and held accountable to those same laws. That assumption is ridiculous, and is the equivalent of trying to hammer everyone into a round hole. People do not grow up with the same educational opportunities, parents, or home environment, and yet the idea that people should all hold the same values, and therefore, be equally responsible, is the same as thinking that everyone who starts a long distance race together, should all cross the finish line at the same time!

So, why does any of this matter?

Why do you think there is fighting all over the globe? Why do you think there is affluence in one area of the world and poverty in another? Why are religions who are supposed to be teaching the important values, based on love, fighting with each other?

Love is harmonious, peaceful and unifying, and is the corrective action that should be taken regardless of what has transpired.

How we apply love, and to what degree we apply it as the solution to our problems and those of society, determines how cooperative we are with each other. Global cooperation is the world-wide stage where the reality of what we think we know and practice, are displayed for everyone to see.

All errors are opportunities for the rest of us to display outwardly the love we say we hold internally. Revenge and retribution play no part in our future,…if we collectively want to have a future!