Trust Us

Trust us, we certainly would tell you in plenty of time if a calamity of major proportions were  immanent. That way, every one would have plenty of time to abandon their jobs. their homes, and our whole way of life, so that they might all head out to safety, all at the same time, in an orderly and organized fashion.

Who said that people were not still creating and telling fairy tales?

Do we have anything to worry about from this volcano? How should I know? What I find laughable, is the idea that they would tell us if there was something to worry about.  Grow up,…”they” (the powers that be) want to know everything about you, and want you to know nothing, except what they are willing to tell you.

In my opinion, this volcanoes activity is just symptomatic of a much larger force acting on the Earth. Speculation? Yes,…but it is speculation born of intuition and awareness, not fear, or wishful thinking. You can’t grasp the scope of a jigsaw puzzle until you start putting some of the pieces together. Individually, they tell you very little, and seem to have no relationship to each other. Only after you have placed sufficient pieces together do they start transferring information to you.

Regardless, this is one thing we can do nothing about except pull a chair up onto the front lawn and watch the show!

Russia Issues Grim Report On North American Magnetic Anomaly