Biblical Phrophecy

This post is about biblical prophecy, which is not a topic I spend very much time thinking about, but other people do.
My intention in writing this post is to alleviate any unnecessary concern that God will wreak havoc upon the earth,…it isn’t going to happen. So there you go. I hope you feel better now.

Ya, I know you think the bible says otherwise, but who are you going to believe, a whole lot of dead guys, or this live one?

People just love drama don’t they, and I think most Christians would be willing to die just so they could say, “see,..I told you so!” I know you guys struggle with that book, it’s not easy trying to make sense out of it, and I know it would be nice to have something as huge and news worthy as the apocalypse come true, just to vindicate your faith,

I really think that you have nothing to fear from God, and that you should be more concerned about your well-intentioned but misinformed friends within the church, who are making your time here less pleasant than it could otherwise be. Good Christians won’t go to a modern-day psychic or medium to get the scoop on their life,…that’s trafficking with the devil,…but they will listen and buy into the vague interpretations, of the prophetic ramblings, of some guy who’s been dead for thousands of years, What’s up with that?

Hey,…don’t try to figure it out, cause it doesn’t make any sense. Just listen to this live guy, right here, right now, who says God has no intention whatsoever of destroying either us, or the Earth. Of course, I’m not saying we won’t do that to ourselves. I’m only saying that God is not vengeful or stupid,…unlike a few other people I’ve seen.

So ya,…it looks like you might have to complete those projects around the house after all,…so why not take your life “off hold.” and get on with living, instead of looking forward to dying,…that will happen soon enough for all of us.