IS God LOVE, Or Is God just God, A Creative Neutral Energy

IS God LOVE, or is God just God, a creative neutral energy?????

This question is predicated on the idea that, since emotional love is at the very pinnacle of our vibrational range of detection, interpretation and experience, that it must also be at the top of Gods range of vibration,….and it is. What we fail to recognize is that God may not have a top or bottom to it’s vibrational range, instead, it may be infinite! Our perception of what love is, can not be equal to Gods reality of love, otherwise we lower that particular aspect of God down to our level, which is that of limitation.

That being said, it is also true that we do not have anything that does not come from God. Therefore, all the love that we do know and exhibit, along with other values such as charity, justice, compassion, and gratitude, just to name a few, must come to us from God, who is also those things. This means that God is natural law, which is neutral in it’s workings, meaning that it has been programed to respond and act in a specific way, just as do seeds when they grow and become plants. But God is also more than just the laws it has created, to support the continued expansion and development of creation, God has a personality component as well, which is where we get our human value system and parenting characteristics from.

So God is personality (values) and love (energy, vibration) and intelligence (knowledge) and will (law) and probably many other things as well. The direct answer to your question then is that, God is not “just” any one thing, but is “all” things. This of course would mean that “any way you choose to perceive God would be correct,” because God is all things. However, Just because God is one thing, does not preclude it from being able to be something else!

To try and nail God down (pardon the pun) to just this or that reality, is to limit God to our small version of life. People want a picture they can hold in their mind of God, something they can cling to, something personal that they can relate to, they make things up, which vary in relevance and truth.
God is just too big and impersonal for most people. But God has given us the holy spirit, (thought adjuster) and an aspect of out consciousness which allows us to communicate with God on a one to one personal level. Our communication with God is only as good as our belief in it, and our belief is revealed in our continuous communication with the father.

Gos is the emotional love that we all know, and God is the programed reality exhibited in genetics and the natural laws of the universe, and God is the father we all know and love.

God is “all that is.”