Free Is What God Wants us To Be

Whenever there is a demand, or an expectation placed on people, you can be sure it is coming from a lower vibrational source than God, and probably from a human ego. God itself makes no demands on us because it has created an environment in which we exist that is defined, directed and supported by natural law.That is as close to a demand as God ever gets. Natural law is impersonal and is therefore, neither threatening or enticing, rather it is neutral,…it just is.

You see before you the tendency of people to construct laws in order to compensate for their inability to get along with each other. Looking backward, is it any wonder the ten commandments were created? Given our addiction to create laws that stifle personal freedoms, and God’s tendency to function through the natural laws which are few, but all pervasive and eternal, is far more likely that the ten commandments had a human origin as opposed to a divine one.

It is the opinion of some people that God has a particular way it wants us to be, and I agree with that idea. God wants us to be “free,”…and any time you hear someone say, “God wants this, or that,,” you can also ask yourself how the dual guiding principles of freedom and restriction can both coexist as dominant realities. You can’t move in opposite directions simultaneously. Human principles and laws often stand in opposition to natural law, however, they can not overcome it. Natural law always prevails, and sooner or later some of us wake up to that fact.

The next time someone gives you a divine mandate from on high just remember that It is not from God, and in all probability if it is restrictive of your freedom, then it is more than likely from a source that is trying to manipulate you.