Sowing And Reaping

This article will deal with a certain belief held by humanity, that time is the antidote that nullifies poor or obscene behavior. Is it not the case that the slavery and cruelty that we inflicted on people of African/American origin,  is causing problems up to the present day? What about the conflict between white settlers and North American Indians, is that not a problem up to the present day? Consider also the crusades of the Catholic Church in the middle east where people were slaughtered because of their faith, is that not causing problems up to this present time? These are but just a few obvious examples of how unloving behavior perpetrated by one generation, has gone on to create problems for future generations.

Those future generations, who are now reaping the folie of their ancestors, do not make the connection that todays negative effects are rooted in causes that were historically cruel. They lament that they have never offended anyone, and that they are not responsible for what other earlier generations may have done. We are dealing with the law of cause and effect here, and the theory of time, with regards to this issue.

People have the idea that time itself will nullify the natural law of cause and effect,…that is a false unrealistic, notion. What possible theory could support that idea?

Do you not see that if time could alter the law of cause and effect, then it would change the nature of reality, and unmake the world? Not all causes are bad, most are good and loving, therefore if time had the natural characteristic and ability to automatically undo effects,…what makes you think it would only undo negative effects? It would undo both the good and the bad effects in the world, and create total chaos.

Now consider the thought that time is more of an idea then a reality. For example,… I want you to go out and bring back to me, an inch, or foot or yard, and I’m not asking for a ruler or measuring tape which represent those measurements, I want you to bring those measurements back to me, and put them in my hand. I’ll wait.
Now if I ask you to do the same thing with a day, month or year, are you getting my drift? Time is not a tangible reality, and neither is mathematics. Therefore, If you do not understand that time is not a tangible reality, then how can you possibly believe your understanding of time is correct, or that it can alter things which are tangible realities. Additionally, how can time alter something which is a past event?

Now consider this idea,…all universe reality is now, all lives are lived now, this means that instead of events happening on a linear time line that goes from left to right, it happens on a vertical axis. Imagine instead that each event is a sheet of paper sitting on a dot marked “now” and every event is stacked one upon another on that dot. Those events represented by sheets of paper are your multiple incarnations, or your past lives if you prefer and they are all happening now, at the same time. Obviously when all time is now, then there is never any past or future, during which time could have the opportunity to undo the effects of your errors.

Also, our activities have an effect on the collective consciousness of the planet, and since all time and all lives are happening now, then all thoughts are happening now as well. There is not one collective conscious for each generation, because there is no start or finish line between generations of people because of the fact that we are all born at different times. There is one collective consciousness for the planet and it is based on what is happening “now.” This means that what they did in the crusades is impacting what is happening today in our world, that is cause and effect in action.

To sum this up, let’s establish a few ideas. Thoughts are vibrational energy, which give rise to actions, and thoughts are forever, unless the are disrupted by energy capable of altering their vibrational frequency. What you think into the collective conscious, and do in the form of actions, has effects in the now,…which means it effects “everything” in the now. This is why it is so important to be in control of your thoughts, which will then control your actions. What people have done or will do, effects all generations and all people in the now. Time is not a factor in altering events.

The only factor which will improve your life and the lives of those around you is to raise the vibrational nature of your thoughts to that of love. Higher vibrations are the only effect that will neutralize the negativity, and raise the nature of the collective consciousness. This will have positive loving effects for everyone in the now.

Therefore, it is erroneous thinking that we can ever escape the effects of our actions. We will live them eventually, and they will not disappear of their own accord. I hope this helped you with regards to this topic, and just remember, “it’s all good, because it’s all God.”