Proof Don’t Make Me Laugh

Is there a God, or not? If there is, whose version is the correct one? Where is the proof that supports either your belief, or disbelief in God?

On and on, and around and around people go with regards to the topic of God. You have to laugh at it all, because most people don’t know whether their coming or going. Not really a very nice sentiment,…but somewhat accurate I would say.

When I hear people ask for proof of this that and the next thing,…I just have to laugh.

Your cry for “proof” is a good example that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going!
Yes, when someone confronts you with information about an idea, concept or thing, that is different from the information you hold, you demand proof, and so it goes with anything that goes against your beliefs.You act as if nothing gets through your personal filter and into your mind, until it has passed the test of proof. That my friend is utter nonsense, and the fact that you can not even tell it is nonsense, only verifies my point that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

Lets take a little inventory of everything you know. How much of what you were taught in school was proven to you? Did you demand proof of everything you were told by your teacher or professor? If you think it was already a proven fact, then where is the proof of that belief? We live in a big world, and most of it you will never see in your life time, so how much of it do you accept? Where is all the proof that verifies the rest of the world! Lets face it, there comes a point where there is just too much information and tangible reality in the world, to demand proof of. Either you accept the whole world and what’s in it, or you don’t, but you’ll never prove it all. This means that, “you do accept most of what you now know and believe, without the proof you demand other people supply you.”

The bottom line is that when someone has something you want,…you’ll accept it without proof, however, if someone wants “you” to accept something,…you make them jump through all kinds of hoops, by asking them for proof, and by being difficult!

Lastly, I’ll put all this nonsense to rest by saying that any statistical information, idea, theory, or concept, whether is backed by proof or not, ultimately has to be interpreted through the filter of the human mind,….”your mind,” and what comes out the other end in the form of a conclusion, is anyone’s guess! Nothing means anything except what your mind tells you it means,…and that includes proof. Your mind is interpreting your whole world, including all the proof you demand,…so how do you know that all the conclusions your mind comes to are correct,…are the truth?

If you think they are, then,…..I’m sorry, I’m going to have to ask you for proof!