Sanora On Being Open Minded

Sanora, will you discuss the value to people of being open-minded?

Greetings my son, we will be delighted to share our knowing about the action of being open-minded. When one is being open-minded, they are simply being open to all possibility, and since creation and your universe are capable of delivering to you, all possibility, then an open-minded person is aligned with Gods creative power and potential.

For a person to say “this is possible, but that is not possible,” and therefore I will close my mind to those thoughts, means that person has shut themselves off from a specific line of thinking, while the rest of creation may believe otherwise. Regardless of what you may now believe, the fact is that there is not a thought which has not already been thought, for you see all time is now, and all thoughts past, present and future exist together in that now moment. Only thoughts which have never been thought before, are incapable of manifestation, and there are none of those.

This means then, that since there are never any new thoughts, then everything that can be manifested by thought, must already exist, and therefore, all things are possible. Since all things are possible, then being open minded is aligning with the creative potential of the universe.

Have we served you well my son?

Ya, that was great Sanora, thanks.

Your most welcome. Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.