The World Is Your Family

Ch 132 The World Is Your Family

Most of us feel that our family are the closest, most important people in our lives. We spend a great deal of time with our family, and come to rely on them for companionship, love and support. That’s a good thing, however, it loses some of its luster when we give priority to our family members over other families in the world. Since families are really just a tight-knit group of individuals, it really is a case of one small group of individuals making itself the focus and priority over other individuals, and using the family structure as its support system. There’s nothing wrong with viewing yourself as important, because you are, however, you are not more important or valuable than any other person on the planet. Everyone on earth has value, and any attempt to place of a hierarchy of value on humanity is simply a delusional act.

There is no doubt that people place a higher use value on some members of society than others. We categorize people’s value in accordance with their usefulness to society. When they have a high use value to us, they are held in high esteem by the rest of society, but when they get older and retire from the workforce their use value takes a nose dive, and so does their worth. People are not worthy because of their use value to us, they’re worthy because they are all God created beings, who are equal in every respect. We’re all made of the same material, at the same time, by the same creator, and so none of us has a leg up on another person. This means that not only is humanity equal, they’re also related. Humanity is one big family which is where the whole concept of family first originated.

The important point to remember in this chapter is that, the bigger your vision of life, the bigger your family will be.