Freedom From Suffering

Pain and suffering are necessary to the overall plan for humanity, but are not necessary at the level of the individual. If you do not understand or agree with the idea that there is plan for humanity, then you will disagree with what I have just said.

Imagine if you will, an artist with only the color white on his pallet,… what could he paint,…not that much I dare say. Now give him a second color,…the color black, and what could he paint then? He could paint anything he wanted, just look at what black and white photography can accomplish.

The point is that if peace were represented by the color white, it would not be much of a world. Add a little pain and suffering represented by the color black, and suddenly the world is full of various levels of creativity and emotion. Add the full spectrum of colors, or emotion, and you have what we have today. The world is a perfect place to experience the results of your choices, but first you have to be able to choose, and that requires at least two choices which are, love, and fear.

Those who know this can live within the world without having to experience pain, which is the result of choosing fear. Once you make love your only choice, you free yourself from the tyranny of fear.