There Ain’t No Being With God Or Getting To Heaven

There Ain’t No Being with God Or Getting To Heaven

Turned off? Curious? Got your attention? Indifferent?
This will be a mind expanding post. Most of you will not get it, not believe it, or not act on it, but some will, and it is always the few who are ready, that I write for, because everyday, more and more people are becoming ready.

There is no such thing as dying and going to be with God. First of all, everything is now, so there is no future, there is always and only, just the now, and so If you were going to be with God, then you can only be with God in “the now.” And you are!

You are God, I am God, your pet is God, your car is God, your home is God, your garden is God, humanity is God, nature is God, creation is God. The point is that “everything” is God, because God is the only thing that exists. You and I are a part of the only thing in existence,…which is God. Of course nothing is “God in total,” except God itself, everything is “God in part.” All the parts of God, make up the whole, just like all the sections of an orange, plus the rind and seeds, make up the whole orange.

The only thing stopping people from remembering this is their own ego. The ego is lazy, and does not want to shift around a lot of what it “thinks is true,” in order to accommodate a new belief, especially one that appears, and sounds so different, to the beliefs of social consciousness. The ego is afraid of being wrong, and afraid of being ridiculed for its beliefs, so it is very slow to change any of them, without a good reason.

We are God in part, and so we can hardly be with God in the future, when there is no future, and we are with God “now!” God is “all that is,” and that includes ourselves. If we are each a part of God, then we must already be in heaven. Heaven is not a place,….it is an idea, a concept, in the same way that peace is an idea. In order to be at peace, you have to feel it in your heart, but you need your mind to take you to the path that leads to peace. Your mind holds the beliefs, that support the actions, that lead to peace. Peace always is thought of internally first, then experienced externally. Heaven is the same, it is an internal idea, that is experienced in the world, as a result of the out working of a persons beliefs about the nature of reality.

You won’t be with God when you die, because you are God in part, and have never left God in the first place. You will never get to the place called heaven, because heaven is a state of belief and being, and either you know you are already there, or you don’t.

Reaching God, and being in heaven, are both achieved by simply remembering who and what you already are.