Spirituality 2.0 (How to Set Yourself Free) – Teal Swan –

I like this person, and have watched more than a few of her videos. I have no comment on this video, but I do have a few comments about what she is talking about.

Spirituality is life, which exists as God, spirit and physicality. Without physicality, all is spirit and God, and without physicality and spirit, all is just God.  If you watch this video, you’ll see teal is “having a moment.” Is she suffering? Who knows?

Should we believe this, that, or the next thing? Who really has all the answers for us, and everyone else? Is there a “one size fits all answer,” to questions like these? You might think there isn’t, but I think there is.

Any idea, thought, concept, strategy, or philosophy is a vibrational construction! A vibrational construction.

This is because everything is energy, which  has natural vibrational characteristics.We can not get away from the reality that everything is both energy and vibration simultaneously. When you look at life in terms of words and ideas and concepts and beliefs, it can get very confusing. Who is right in what they are saying? Who’s idea is the correct one? What should I believe if I want the truth?

Now consider that emotions are vibrational energy being “experienced” at the level of the body. Which feels better to you,…depression or joy? Which would you rather experience for an extended period of time? Both of them are emotional feelings, but with different vibrational frequencies. This tells you right there that low vibrational frequencies like those similar to depression, give us one feeling, and the vibrational frequency of joy gives us another feeling.The point is that words, concepts, ideas and beliefs,are open to interpretation, but vibrational frequencies are not.

Vibrational frequencies define what a thing is, and when you change it’s frequency, that thing changes it’s state of being. Energy, vibration and frequency, are the building blocks of life, not ideas, words or beliefs. Yet beliefs are based in ideas, which have their source in thought, which is vibrational. Therefore, thoughts will span the whole vibrational frequency range, and some thoughts will be vibrationally low, and so will feel bad, and others will be vibrationally higher and feel good to us.

Now before we round third base and bring this home, let me say that God is the energetic source of all creation, and the singular source of all love within creation. When we are talking about love, we are talking God. All energy exists within God, and all vibrational frequency exists within love.  This means that love holds all vibrational frequency within itself, from the lowest to the highest, because it’s all God.

All forms of mental and emotional suffering come from lower vibrational orders of reality.

Advanced civilizations don’t suffer, because they do not live their life “mentally” at a vibrational level that supports suffering. On Earth we do live at a vibrational level that supports suffering, for the express purpose of being able to mentally make the connection between “failing to make loving choices,”…and suffering.

So, it’s all about God, love, vibration, and frequency. Anytime you feel joyful, you are living at the same vibrational frequencies the advanced civilizations occupy, and anytime you feel negativity, you have slipped below that level. We are here to gather experience so that we can become consistently loving in all our interactions with each other. When that happens, then our environment here will also be too vibrationally high to support suffering.

It may be a very long time before we “collectively” reach that conclusion, but there is nothing stopping each of us from reaching that conclusion on our own,..ahead of the crowd. Each time one of us finally does bring the full reality of their spiritual identity to this life, we get one person closer to the goal of fulfilling God’s divine plan.