Buying The Best Could Be The Least Expensive

This is another page from my next soon to be published book.

Ch 81 Buying The Best Could Be The Least Expensive

There was a time when products were made to last and companies and people took pride in the products they were making. Eventually, someone with a value system geared to profit instead of service, convinced manufacturers that continuing to make quality products would kill their market, and that by developing and following a system of,” planned obsolescence,” they would be able to sell into the same market every 5 to 10 years. This was the mentality that led us from the belief in quality, into the age of “disposability.” Once manufacturers decided to take this course of action, it almost eliminated the need for repair people and the jobs that when along with them. Even today, if something can be fixed, it usually comes as a component part, instead of a single part, which of course costs us a lot more money. Usually though, most items which we buy today are not designed to be repaired at all, because the idea is to drive the market back to the store to buy a new product.

Today you can still buy a quality items, although now we have to pay a premium for something that is very well-built. Companies who have decided that their market is people who like quality and can afford it, go out of their way to pamper their customers and give them an above average consumer experience. You may not be able to afford a Rolls Royce but you probably can afford to buy the best products in a lot of other areas. Buying the best gives you a feeling of confidence, and will provide superior performance over the life of the product. You’ll also receive the added bonus of being treated better by a company who values their customers. Try it for a while and see if you’re not happier buying and using the best.

The important point to remember in this chapter is that buying quality most often results not only in a better built, longer lasting, better performing product, but it usually brings with it, a more pleasant shopping experience.