Exerpt from Sanora “You Get What You Believe”

Had you built your society on the values of cooperation and compassion, the world might be a totally different place today. The movement to higher levels of love, truth and joy, is the movement out of a survivalist based value system controlled by the ego, into higher vibrational levels of possible thought, action and experience.

A political system or government which cannot create peace, harmony and prosperity for its own people, is ill-equipped to intervene in the affairs of other nations. An ego driven government backed by an ego driven population would of course only have their own interests at heart, when it comes to international relations.

In conclusion then, we would say that the miracle fix you are looking for is relatively simple. “Just change your mind” with regards to those things which you believe to be true. If they were true, then you would be experiencing far greater joy in life, and so we say to you, if you are dissatisfied with life, then you should certainly be dissatisfied with the beliefs which created that life.

When each individual starts making better decisions, based on beliefs of a vibrationally higher nature, the way will be opened up for vibrationally higher results to come to you.

Have we served you well?

Yes, very well, thank you Sanora.

Then we will take our leave. Peace love and joy, unto you and yours.