Exerpt From “Life’s Big Questions #15”

Q: Why do bad things happen to good people?

A: Everything then, being vibrational, represents some specific aspect of reality which God desires to experience through you. Humanities constant desire to live only on the “sunny side of the street,” would in effect then, limit both the experience of humanity and God.

Limitation is not the experience for which God set all in motion, therefore, all experience is not only allowed by God, but actively sought out (within reason, and the parameters of the divine plan).

Once all of humanities’s choices become “consistently high” by nature (loving), then we are now back to a single “consistent choice,” with regards to all people and situations, which is that of “love.” This being the case, there is no longer a need or use for an “alternative choice,” and the role that fear and negativity play, can be retired. Until that day, negativity will continue to play an equally important role to that of love.