Sanora On Why Some People Are Uncaring

Sanora, can you please tell me why some people are so uncaring?

Greetings my son, we will be most happy to answer your question to the best of our ability.

In order to better understand people, one has to be able to look beyond meer appearances, and get to the root cause of behaviors, which are sourced in both beliefs and thought. Peoples actions are the outward manifestation of their thoughts, about both themselves, and life.

All thought is vibrational, and ranges between being vibrationally high or low, depending on the nature of the thought. Survival based thinking is far lower in nature than that of love. Concepts such as love, gratitude, charity, truth, freedom, and joy are all much higher in vibration than those of fear, anger, separation, competition and greed.

People have a dominant personal vibration, which is a vibrational state of being where they reside the most. It is from this dominant state of being that most of their actions spring forth from. As people mature in consciousness, their personal vibration rises, and their actions tend to be more consistently based in love.

Conscious development is a movement away from being totally self-absorbed, and ego oriented, to being guided in all your activities by love, and being at peace with yourself and others.

Have we served you well?

Yes thank you Sanora.

Your most welcome, peace love and joy, unto you and yours.