Sanora On Goal Achievement

Sanora, will you briefly review the best practices that will enable people to easily reach their goals?

Greetings my son, we would be delighted to share our knowing about goal achievement with you, as a form of  review for that which you all know, but have temporarily forgotten.

Consciousness, experienced by the mind, uses thought as its tool for creating your desires. Focused thought narrows the infinite range of creative possibility down to a single creative desire, as long as that focus is maintained. Your focus thought about your desire, activates an emotional feeling within you that aligns vibrationally with your desire, thereby allowing you to feel “experientially,” if you’re on the path to creating something good or bad.

Feelings reflect the vibrational direction your creative efforts are taking, allowing you to constantly monitor the creative process. Being dominantly positive, joyful, grateful and appreciative, creates an emotional state within you that totally aligns vibrationally with all the good you are trying to create in your life. These are the basic tools and techniques of goal creation.

The most elusive part of the whole process for most people, is their tendency to focus on too many things in life at one time, and to emotionally react to their point of focus in a negative manner. It is our knowing that an individual’s attention to anything, acts  as an attractive force which begins to draw that same thing into your life. When you focus on the positive aspects of life, you automatically begin to draw them to you, and your feelings tell you whether they qualify as being positive.

These are the essential points to consider with regards to creating anything in your life.
Have we served you well my son?
Yes, thank you Sanora.
You’re most welcome. Peace love and joy, unto you and yours.