Exerpt from Life’s Big Questions #1

Are the issues which revolve around gay people more important than sheltering the homeless people in the world or feeding them? Is it more important an issue than providing clean drinking water or adequate medical care for people? Is it more important than ensuring that all children get an adequate education or that people are able to work and earn enough money to support their family?

As an issue to be settled by humanity, a persons sexual orientation is so far down the list of world problems to be solved that it is hardly worthy of the world’s attention, until such time as the world has solved most of its greater problems. At which time you will probably find that the world has moved upward in consciousness, and will be able to deal with gay people differently than they are now doing.


Sanora On Light workers

Light workers then, are first and foremost, those who have awoken from the captivating spell that this physical environment is able to cast over people, and are now busily engaged in whatever particular agenda they had set for themselves, prior to this incarnation.

In most cases their agenda is to assist with the awakening of as many people as possible, to the greater reality of which all are apart. That greater reality being the recognition of the Creator, and the role that humanity is playing universally, in the unfolding of the Creators plan. It is a very important moment in humanities history, as both humanity and the planet are set to ascend together for the first time.