The Value Of Truth

Which do you prefer, real money, or a counterfeit version?
Which do prefer, truth, or a counterfeit version?

Just as there is only one official version of government issued currency, so too is their only one official God issued version of the truth. Truth is important because we base our beliefs on them. You can see this clearly when you look back at some of the old beliefs humanity used to hold, that were overturned by new truths, established by science. Some of what we believed was true in the past wasn’t, and you can be sure that a lot of what we believe is truth today, isn’t! This means that in life you can, (if you have the desire and foresight,) be behind, or ahead of the curve. Indifferent people are rarely ahead of the curve, they’re usually playing catch up.

When we discuss the topic of truth, we can hardly ignore the creator of all truth who is God. Maybe this is why truth is an unpopular topic. People inwardly know where any discussion of truth has to end up, and many of them would rather just not go there.

That’s OK, that’s everyone’s right, but ignoring the truth has its effects. There is an idea people need to grasp, that will alter their perception of reality.

It doesn’t matter what the odds of winning the lottery are, they could be 1 in 8,000,000,000, however, if someone wins that lottery, then the truth is that it was possible! People and science both bow to the idea that “probability” equals possibility, and that is a fallacy. The truth is that something “is” possible because it is totally aligned with ultimate reality, (God), or it is “not” possible, because it doesn’t align with God or its laws. There is no in between, possibility exist as one or the other.

Society on the other hand believes that the greater the number of people who hold to an idea or belief, the more real and truthful that belief has to be. Society doesn’t think that billions of people can be wrong about anything! The odds of that happening are too high. That however, is a “statistical analogy.” The truth is that nothing within creation is an accident, everything has its cause, and “God is at the top of the pyramid of all causes.” Creation does not work on a spin of the big wheel, where “probability” is the foundational rule for keeping body and soul together.

Creation,…(God) establishes truth, which keeps the universe functioning perfectly regardless of the inability of its various occupants to grasp, or make use of the truth. Our personal vibrational limitations hinder our ability to recognize, or make use of, the highest truths, but just because you can’t detect or comprehend the truth, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Our limited understanding of reality is not sufficient to either create, or maintain the environment we live in, never mind the whole universe!

How in the same breath can you equate the personal limitations of people, with the idea of holding “the” truth? We don’t know or have the whole truth, and our actions in life attest to that fact. A second fallacy is that truth is multifaceted. That is false. Truth exists as one singular reality, sourced in, and represented by,  one entity who we call God. God is truth itself, but because God is represented at lower vibrational levels of reality as everything, then the truth of God appears to be multifaceted!

In conclusion, I am saying that God is truth itself, however, as you descend in vibrational reality the various component parts of God become different physical expressions of the only truth which exists, which is the Creator. Creation is possible by virtue of the fact that it exists, and it is intentional, meaning that nothing within creation is an accident, because everything proceeds from thought, and there’s nothing accidental about consciousness.

Now we come to the whole point of this post about truth, which is that God is truth, love, freedom, and joy, and is represented by what we call life. The time has come to either side with the people who think “might makes right,” or with those who know which side their bread is buttered on!

Truth is not established by people, only experienced by them.