Quote from The Sanora Journal Entitled “About Love”

If you are still at the level of consciousness where you are questioning the reality of GOD, might I suggest that you take a look around at the activities and attitudes of people, and consider the consistency of their behavior, then try to imagine how a consciousness exhibiting that kind of behavior could possibly create and maintain a whole universe.


The Purpose Of Life

What is the purpose of life? Your life, my life? We are here, but did we have any say in the matter? When God created everything within creation, did he say “hey Bob, do you want I should create you now?”
“Thanks, but I’ll take a pass and catch the next big bang, out breath of God.”

I mean,…what choice did we have? We didn’t have a choice until we were created, and then it was a little too late to bitch about it then! So here we are, doing the “now you see me, now you don’t incarnational cycle,” for God knows how long, and we didn’t even get a manual to tell us what to do or how to behave. Even the boy scouts have a hand book for petes sake!

I mean come on,…maybe the universe is well-coordinated, but this place is a frigging disaster area.

Now since we didn’t get a manual, we got tired of waiting and we coped an attitude and said “fine, if you won’t tell us why were all here, and what we’re supposed to do, we’ll write our own manual, and just make shit up! How do you like me now!

So we did. We made up all kinds of holy manuals, a few manifestos, a declaration here, and a constitution there, and presto,..here we are today.

The purpose of life then, is to go to confession, tithe, pay taxes, vote for the right candidate, root for the right team, grumble about the price of everything, and live for the weekend, oh ya,…and hope the same numbers you’ve been playing for the last thirty years, come up so you can retire! Did I miss anything?