Your Mind

In this post I want to discuss the theoretical, as opposed to the practical, because it is only through the use of the mind, that man is able to interpret what his senses are relaying back to him.

Arguments by religion and science, “about” religion and science, are wasted mental energy.

In the last analysis, every part of scripture in every holy book, and every bit of final experimental and exploratory data, connected with any scientific procedure, must be filtered through the human mind, in order to arrive at an interpretation and a conclusion. Granted, it likely will most often be the mind of a theologian, or a scientist which is doing the official interpretation for the bulk of humanity, but it is still a human mind regardless.

We would do well to remember that the mind is neither religious nor scientific, but is generic, and works in accordance with whatever information it has been fed, up to that point in time.

If the mind is creative, and if thought precedes all the creative endeavours of man, then what we think about, we bring about. Our thoughts then, can not be independent of our results, interpretations or conclusions, with regards to anything!

Any medium within which your explorations, experiments, or creative ventures take place, will affect your results, whether that medium, is water, air, physical reality or the spiritual plane. You may try to make allowances for the environmental factors involved, but how do you do so for thought?

If you think the point I am making about the importance of the mind, or it’s level of involvement, is silly, then ask yourself why would you spend years to achieve the data necessary to arrive at an answer, only to finally have to filter the final result through your mind, in order to draw a conclusion?

Data is not self explanatory. Data is data,…and most often they are just numbers, which have no meaning whatsoever beyond the meaning your mind gives them. So, what your mind thinks before, during, and after your creative or experimental venture, is no small matter.

What am I eluding to? I am trying to get across the point that, very little within what we call reality is independent of our minds. That is because nothing within creation is separate or independent of anything else within creation. It is all one, and all made out of the same singular, original substance, or essence, which is God. It becomes whatever you want it to be, and that is the point. What you think about, you bring about.

The fact that everything becomes “tainted” by the mind, means that you can not create any kind of scientific procedure which does not ultimately hinge on the minds interpretation of the results.

I am not trying to rain on the parade of either science or religion, but instead I am trying to bring to the public’s attention, certain thoughts which make it easier to see that individuals are capable of determining what is real and true for themselves, and need not be totally reliant on outside opinion.

Of course external power structures want you to come to them for everything. That is what gives them their power, and if you suddenly become independent of them, they lose that power, which is something that groups, organizations, corporations and governments do not want to happen.

In conclusion then I will say this, the answer to everything we are trying to achieve is not “out there,” as many people would have you believe. The answer is partially out there, the experiential part. The rest is inside of you, in your mind, in your consciousness, in your over soul, in God.