End the Friction

Have you ever been a passenger in a car and been driven somewhere, only to find out at some later date that you had to go there again, and now you don’t know the way, because you didn’t pay attention? Hey, how could you not know how to get there, you were in the same car as the driver weren’t you? Didn’t you both see all the same roads and scenery, or were you reading a book?

What you pay attention to along the hyway of life determines how relevant your point of view is on any given topic. If I make deductions based on exhaustive attention to detail, and you make yours based on what you happen to catch out of your peripheral vision, we are going to come to different conclusions about the same thing.

This happens all the time, and is why science thinks religion can’t tell it anything, and is why religion thinks science doesn’t know it all. They both have blinders on, and are not able to cooperate well with each other.Science is very accurate in a lot of areas, but pitifully ignorant in others, especially areas they know nothing about, because they just refuse to go there.

Science and religion need to cooperate just as much as people need to cooperate, then we might make much better progress. When science is going to make the next super weapon, we need religion there to say,”and what do you plan to do with that?” Obviously scientists have a very lousy track record of being able to police themselves, as far as the morality and possible future consequences of developing a technology are concerned.

Science has proven they can not be trusted to protect the public interest, because they are so easily bought and paid for. Their mistakes are everywhere, but not advertised.

So to end this on a positive note, cooperation has always been the ideal that greases the wheel of progress, because it is so vibrationally close to love, and competition has always been it’s low vibrational opposite. We need to make cooperation the high ideal in our lives, and eliminate as much friction as possible between people.