Emotions (part2)

In this post I will finish my article about the origin of emotions. We are self-aware beings, so we can be sure we exist and are here, although we cannot “prove” we exist, because our mind and our senses are the only things which attest to the fact that we exist. According to scientific procedure, you cannot use the thing you are trying to prove, (which in this case, is the existence of ourselves,) as a means of validating our existence. This is why all proof is really a sham.

If you cannot prove you exist, then any proof you gather with regards to life, is only as valid as you are!

Science has no choice but to proceed from a point of view (unproven) that we “do” exist, and therefore, any proof is valid. I keep harping on the idea of proof because science has created this image for itself of, accuracy and infallibility, which the general public has bought into. Science advertises its few successes, and buries its many mistakes. Science is trying to be the new religion, and just like religion, it is never anxious to advertise it shortcomings, while it is happy and to talk about the shortcomings of others.

In relation to our topic of, where do emotions come from, we can deduce we are here, based on our “self-awareness.” We have deduced that all life is energy in all its many forms, and that emotions are just another form of vibrational energy, in the same way that thoughts are energy. All of life is contained within one single unified, energetic field we call “Creation.” The Creator is not separate from creation, and so God is the unified energetic field within which all takes place, including the creation and movement of the things we call emotions.

Consider that emotions are triggered by immediate events, past events retained in memory, as well as future events, which are imagined and have not actually happened yet! We can deduce that emotions are activated by thoughts, but not just a single thought, but rather a belief. Beliefs define the nature of our reality,  which we experience emotionally. Our beliefs determine not only whether we will experience emotion, but also which emotions we will experience.

Still this does not answer the question of where do all motions come from.

So far we have deduced we exist and God exists, but is there anything in between? Yes there is, and we call it the soul. The soul is an energetic creation and projection of God, in a form we call spirit, which was created at the beginning of the physical cosmos. The soul is part of the single unified field of energy and consciousness, having an awareness of its connection to the whole, while existing in an individualized state of awareness.

God, the soul and ourselves, is as far as we need to go to determine where our emotions come from. There may be other entities between ourselves and God, however, they’re just the lower vibrational spin offs of the soul itself. We are intimately connected to our over soul because we are the creations of it. It is us, and we are in it. It follows that the soul creates us for its own purposes, just as God creates the soul for its purposes. It is logical to think that whatever we know and feel, the soul can also know and feel. It does not make sense that the soul would tell us what to think and feel, because that invalidates free will, and it’s purpose for creating us. We each have a life plan and a purpose for being here, which the soul is heavily invested in.

It is to the soul’s advantage and ours, to keep us on track with our life plan as much as is possible, with minimal intervention. The soul is totally aware of the larger reality of God while we are not, and it knows that the unified energy field we call God is also vibrationally equal to the energy we call love. All decisions of the soul are based on aligning to the energy of love. All emotions are different frequencies of the love vibration, from the highest to lowest. Knowledge is vibrationally based information, as are our emotions. Feelings are vibrational information which are interpreted by our bodies, and feel either good or bad to us.

These feelings which we interpret as being good or bad, are essentially used by the soul to steer us down the path we chose for ourselves before we incarnated into our present body. The soul is our source that acts as more of a guide than a controlling force. The soul is after genuine emotional experiences that will result in an expansion of our consciousness, and the soul itself. Our beliefs are our own, and the emotions they generate are based on what we believe. The over soul holds genuine knowledge, and it knows what we do not, while we hold primarily beliefs, and therefore, the soul does not come to the same conclusions, and as do the limited incarnational aspects of itself.

When we are aligned with the nature of ultimate reality, our soul allows energy to flow to us in exact alignment with the nature of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and we feel joy, love, and happiness as a result. When we are out of alignment with the true nature of reality, the vibrational nature of our thoughts beliefs and actions, cut us off from the normal frequency range of energy of our soul, and we experience lower energy, which feels like fear, anxiety and depression. It is our thoughts which form beliefs, that define the immediate frequency we are resonating at, and the frequency we will experience as a download of the energy we call emotion, from our soul.

From this explanation you can see that because of the natural law of vibrational alignment, our over soul is always sending us energy in a form we call emotions, which are in exact alignment with what we are thinking and physically experiencing. We can conclude that the energy of emotions are transferred to us through the activities of the over soul, but the type of vibrational energy we experience, is determined by us.

It is important to remember that the vibrational frequency of your thoughts, are what determine what type of energy you will receive in the form of energy, we call emotions.