Related To God # 7

Seven being a spiritual number, this seems a good place to end these articles about God. I realize the information provided was small in volume, however, the ideas presented are powerful in themselves, and, if they are truly embraced and incorporated into your system of belief, your perspective about God and will shift in favor of a creator God who loves itself and its creations.

It is never God and we’re doing battle with, it is always our human ego, whom has long been the problem child of humanity, because of its continual attempts to replace God with its own authority. You are your ego, and your ego is you. Your thoughts about God and love, reflect the charity of your ego, and the level of control it tries to assume over its environment, and other people.

Our ego has most of us trapped in a very small box, which the ego uses to define the nature of our reality. When we try to explore outside the box, it is not God who is slapping us down, making fun of our beliefs but rather our ego! Our ego demands absolute loyalty to it, or it will denigrate us and whoever else threatens its feeling of security! I will repeat once again for those who may not have heard it before, that I have a tendency to “slap your ego around,” in order for you to “feel” an emotional reaction. Some of you realize your emotions are being triggered, and by whom and what. Others of you, will just think I’m not a very nice person, or a bad writer! Personally I don’t care too much how I’m viewed, it’s the results I’m after. I want people to realize how they’ve been hijacked by an immature aspect of their personality! If you want to find God, then first take charge of your life and your ego.

That constitutes one of the first visible signs that you are a true seeker after God.

Those who are denigrating others, or even worse, running around and killing others in the name of God definitely do not have God at the helm of their ship! However, just because some ships who are flying the “God flag,” have run aground, or crashed on the rocks and were lost, does not mean we should do away with the whole idea of “shipping,” as atheists would prefer. We all need to start letting ourselves be guided by higher values, and the highest is that of love. Love is the moral compass you should steer your ship by, and when in doubt, we should all err on the side of love.