Related To God # 5

( thought I wasn’t going to finish these articles,…didn’t you,…wrong! They were finished long ago, but just not posted)

In this article I want to talk about a very important topic which will increase your understanding of God, if you can believe it. I would like to relay the idea that consciousness is really the key to finding and understanding higher knowledge about God.

You may have heard the phrase ” I think, therefore, I am.” There can be no conclusions made about anything until you engage the process of thought, and there can be no thought without self-awareness. Consciousness is like a car motor in that, when we’re talking about it, we refer to a single item, however, a car motor is a collection of parts, all of which are indispensable to the motors proper functioning. Consciousness is a working combination of intelligence, knowledge, self-awareness, energy, and thought, all in various combinations and having vibrational qualities.

Understand that nothing on Earth happens in relation to people, without thought first preceding it, and thought does not exist independently of consciousness. That means that without consciousness, nothing new is ever created, and all existing reality would cease. Most people ignore the topic of consciousness in conversations about God and creation, because even the brightest minds can only theorize about what it is, or the role it plays.

If you want to find God, you have to develop some knowledge about consciousness in general, and your personal consciousness in particular. What God has it shares, therefore, if an individual has consciousness, it must come from God, in the same way that everything else does. Remember there is only one thing, “God,” and one substance, “the base particle of creation,” and one consciousness, “God-consciousness.” Everything we have is a derivative of some aspect of God’s nature. To believe something, is to come to a conclusion through the process of thought, which is a function of consciousness.

If you do not understand the workings your consciousness or its source of origin, then you cannot rationally draw any conclusions about God. As long as the possibility exists that your consciousness may come from God, then a neutral position about God is a logical and rational position to take. The seeming absence of proof for the existence of God, is the result of a limited consciousness, operating within an intentionally limiting environment, such as we are experiencing here on Earth, and has nothing to do with what exists at vibrationally higher levels of reality. It is those higher levels which are lending us their support and love on a daily basis.

The fact that you may only be able to see a half mile down the highway in front of your car, does not in any way, cause an intelligent, and rational person to come to the conclusion that the highway does not exist beyond your field of view! As you move down the highway, your field of view changes, and new sections of highway come into view. As you move through life, your field of view changes, and new insights about the nature of reality come into view. An individuals consciousness is an exact representation and reflection, of where they are on the highway of life.