Emotions (part 1)


This looks like it will be in two parts.

For those of you who believe in an after life of sorts, then whether it is heaven or hell, it is a certainty, that we must be able to feel emotion, otherwise hell would feel like nothing more than a “one or two star resort.” With no pain and suffering, what is the draw to have a hell, ( not that I believe there is one,…but you get my drift), and with no love and joy, why bother having a heaven?

In the after life,…which is our real life, emotions must carry on as a reality. The fact that we have and can experience emotions while we are in physical form, has much to do with our non physical selves.

Science, medicine and psychiatry, all tend to give credit to the physical aspects of ourselves and the brain, as the source of emotions. That is to be expected, because that is what they believe, study and teach. Those three are grounded in aspects of the physical world, and so of course they would attribute everything to the nature of the physical world. If they thought any differently, they would be “spiritualists.”

The truth is no one really knows where emotions come from, although we can form reasonable deductions about where they come from, by piecing together parts of the puzzle.

First let’s get the idea of having to have “proof” out of the way’ so that we can get down to business.

Ultimately, a scientific conclusion, (which represents the proof we are talking about) comes about as a result of one, or a group of people, filtering the data in question through their minds, and coming to a common, unanimous decision about the meaning of the data in question. Everything, and I mean everything,… ultimately gets filtered through the human mind to determine its relevance and meaning to both science, and ourselves.

All “deductive reasoning,” is based on personal experiential,data, as well as that of the collective. It considers all possibility, leaves nothing out, and no stone unturned, then it proceeds to filter all data through the human mind, and draws its own conclusion.

As I have said before, it is not whether you used a pencil and paper, your fingers, an abacus, a slide rule, a calculator, or a computer to get the answer. “It’s the answer that is important,” not how you got it!

Now science does make it possible, by documentation of specific procedures, to be able to repeat the actions which brought about the result. What science does is create a pattern and a procedure that will allow anyone with comparable skills, to get the same results. Deductive reasoning does not do that in any formal or intentional way. Nevertheless, it does not make deductive reasoning less accurate in its conclusion.

Since neither science nor deductive reasoning can bypass the mind in order to get their results, it is safe to say that the mind is the final determiner of everything, including proof!

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, lets see what we can deduce from either what we and others “know,” or what we and others “believe.”

All of life and creation is made up of, and is part of, one unified the field of energy. Everything is energy, and so in that context, everything is “one” thing, and part of the “same” thing. What can emotions be except a form of energy? Maybe that is why we call them “E-Motions,’ ( to express,display, or push out). If emotions are energy, and energy is everywhere, then where do they come from?

Currently, I do not hold to the idea that emotions are created or stored within us.I believe this because of the fact that so much knowledge lies outside of ourselves, waiting for us to come into alignment with it, and have it become part of our knowledge. knowledge is vibrational information. Emotion also is vibrational information of a different sort. If all knowledge is not held within us, then why should we expect all emotion to be held within us?

Our senses are vibrational interpreters of energy, which we experience as feelings and call emotion, in the same way a radio interprets vibrational frequencies and broadcasts them as am/fm music. The music is not held within the radio, and neither are your emotions.

End of part one