The Most Important Thing

What could you plan to do today, if you were “brain dead?”
What would you plan for yourself if you were in a coma?
What is the most important thing in “your” world, or anyone elses world?

Consciousness and thought are the most important thing, because without it, your nothing more than a “vegetable.”

So you have to give consciousness and thought their due, and put their importance to life, in the proper perspective. Nothing your going to do today is as important as your consciousness, and your ability to think, for without them, you will do nothing!

It is only the fact that they both work so flawlessly, that you accord them no notice and lend them no importance. What about when you start getting dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease, do they get your attention then?

The time to start thinking is “now,” when it can benefit you the most!

I’m not talking about thinking the same thoughts as others, that is not thinking, that is memorizing!When was the last time you came up with an original idea of your own that wasn’t first “owned” by someone else? When was the last time you gave yourself credit for having a valuable opinion of your own?

I’m talking to ordinary people now because scientists are to ego invested in their own self-image to hear anything I’m saying.

Anyone who is clinically alive, but mentally dead, is as close as you’ll get to seeing what a person with no brain activity can do. The brain however, is not the sole factor in a healthy person, and that is because the brain is only a “piece of the puzzle” of consciousness, and not the whole thing as most people believe.

Yes, if your brain stops functioning you’re in trouble, but your also in trouble if your brain is healthy, and the other factors which work in conjunction with the brain are not working.

That rarely happens though, because the other factors such as God, and your over soul, which people have a tendency to scorn, work perfectly as they should all the time.

Your consciousness is really Gods consciousness of which yours is just a tiny but important part, and all consciousness is connected, while being individuated at the same time. We all have a unique identity which is tied to our individual consciousness. Our over soul plays a huge role in our lives because it is our larger identity, which is eternally one with God.

Each one of our reincarnational selves is an aspect of our over soul, in physical form, living out its life “now.”

All lives are lived “simultaneously,” because now is the only time there is. Everything that did, is now, or ever will happen, is happening now, all at once. Yes it is confusing and even contradictory to what you may have been told or thought, nevertheless, it is true.

Therefore, if all lives are lived at once, then your over soul is responsible for them all, and that means it must be in contact with them all,…and it is, all the time.

Additionally, thought needs to have something to propel it outward, and a medium for it to move through. Thoughts are energetic projections,which are affected by the medium they move through, which in most cases is “space.”

The thought that there is no God, is itself an interesting thought, the consequences of which, totally escapes all those who believe there is no God.

With no God, there is no consciousness, and so you would be a “vegetable” with no ability to even ask yourself any question. Go ahead, ask anyone in a coma, whether they think there is a God, and see what response you get.

“The fact that a person may be brain-dead, does not prove there is a God responsible for thought or consciousness.”

You do not understand that the kind of “In your face, undeniable truth,” you would grudgingly find acceptable, can not be given to you because that kind of proof would invalidate all the “hidden aspects of this reality,” and life here would be over! This life could no longer serve it’s purpose if all that was hidden, was suddenly revealed to everyone.

Life has many aspects which are hidden for good reason, and while we may like to know about them and see them,…that will not happen at this stage of the game.

We circumvent this fact of reality (those of us with the ability) by deducing what we suspect is true. Deduction is not some flawed human ability or characteristic, it is an ability of the highest order from which all our present civilization is derived.

After all the experimenting is finished, and you have all your data in front of you, what do you do?

You have to run it through your mind, and “draw a conclusion about it!”

How scientific is that?

All science is data, usually returned in the form of mathematics, from which the scientist must then draw a conclusion, (oh that’s very scientific!) What do you think they do,…sally over to the computer and say to it, “so what do you” think?

Science uses its deductive reasoning faculties as much as the rest of us, and no differently, they are just applying their reasoning to “different questions.”

Proof? That is a whole other topic which people are just as screwed up about. I’ll deal with that at another time.